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Soul making is for people who want to live with depth, grit, grace and spirit and make a real difference in their work, art and life.


I'm going to be doing some updates and changes to my website this summer. In the meantime you'll find some information about my work – and elsewhere on this site. If you'd like to explore working with me – then email me – – to book a free call to discuss how I may be able to help and support you.. And if you'd like to buy any of the books and magazines featured on this site, you can find them at Raw Mixture Publishing. 


My work is about developing life and work practices based on imagination, depth, creativity and ecology of mind. It is about responding to creatively and authenitcally to climate change and the other challenges that face us at these times.


You might be an artist, an activist, a leader, a therapist, an entrepreneur or a poet hoping to respond and make sense of these strands – or someone who is trying to bring all these together. Or you might be in the process of 'making soul' for yourself, through training, developing a practice, working with a therapist or developing leadership and innovation in a community, organisation or campaign. My coaching and development work can help bring these strands together. I use a framework that brings elements of ecology, social development and soul to your development.


Soul Making is integral, holistic practice. It is about developing and sustaining  connections  that are soulful, integral and deep. It is about responding to ecological and social crisis – and making sense of 'self' in turbulent times. It is about holding polarities and crafting elegant responses to the problems we face.  It is about diversity and equality and about integrating activism, entrepreneurship, therapy, art and spiritual development.  


I have worked with individuals and organisations – supporting wellbeing, equality and sustainability – for over 25 years. Most recently my work has centred around ideas of soul-making and deep wellbeing; building on foundations of imaginative creativity and psychology. I run workshops and e-courses and holds soul conversations with individuals to support their Soul Making.


My book, Soul Manifestos and Piece of Joy, will be available in its second edition from Raw Mixture Publishing over the summer. It has been described as: "amazing, extraordinary, powerful, necessary and deeply inspiring". I also edit unpsychology magazine; the second and third print editions of which are now available HERE and you can find out more at the website: 


You can also find out about events and workshops taking place in coming months HERE. 





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