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Alchemy – The Transformative Power of Poetry – combines poetry and illustration around the themes of transformation and change: ecological, personal and cultural. The exhibition comprises a number of stunning large banners, printed on recycled plastic fabric, and including a combination of words (by poet and therapist, Steve Thorp) and images (by illustrator, Ruth Thorp). Each banner is based on an aspect of Steve’s ecologically and psychologically themed poetry.


The exhibition was first shown at Oriel y Parc in St Davids in March/April 2018 as part of Steve’s participation in the gallery’s artist in residence programme. It was accompanied by a series of talks and workshops led by Steve, in which he explored the relationship of poetry (and other art-forms) with ecology, activism, climate change and personal transformation.


The concept and design for the exhibition was brought to life by Ruth, and the motifs around the exhibition are taken from the beautiful artwork she has produced to illustrate Steve’s books which are publshed by Raw Mixture Pubishing and available to buy in their shop.

Alchemy Exhibition in the Tower Room at Oriel y Parc, Pembrokeshire

March and April 2018

ALCHEMY EXHIBITION 1_Alchemy-Exhibition_Panoramic_R-Thorp

“Alchemy/any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value”.

2_Alchemy Exhibition_R Thorp 5_Alchemy Exhibition_R Thorp 3_Alchemy Exhibition_board graphic examples_R Thor 4_Alchemy Exhibition_Boards_R Thorp 2 6_Alchemy Exhibition_What to do today_R Thorp Alchemy_Leaflet_FINAL_FOR-WEB