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Integral practices for soulful and creative living

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Soul Making e-course programmes


My e-courses and books are all about finding ways of living life fully – soulfully and with integrity. You can work of these separately, or combine them with coaching work.


For 2017, there are two brand new courses being launched, alongside the re-launch of the 10 module deep soulmaking course that has been running successfully for a couple of years now. There’s also a free course – ‘soulwork and you’ – which acts as a taster and introduction to the other modules.


You’ll find a brief outline of each course below and find out more details on the relevant pages (the links will be posted soon).


Soulwork and you – a FREE three module course, introducing you to the ideas and practices of soulwork. This e-course will help you start to find your way of integrating your life, work and practice, and set out a path for moving forward. Find out more HERE.


Your Soul’s Manifesto – over six modules, you’ll explore how to develop  a manifesto for your own ‘waking up, growing up and showing up’ in this deeply troubled and insanely beautiful world. This e-course helps you to come up with your own unique answer to the question: “What can I do?”. Find out more HERE.


Soul Meditations – this is a course about meditation and presence, but it’s not about learning mindfulness or sitting on a cushion! In this six module course you’ll explore how to bring a mindful presence to your life, work and activism in a way that is rejuvenating, inspiring and unique. Find out more HERE.


Deep Soulmaking – this e-course is a deep exploration of the three elements of development – social, ecological and soulful – within the context of your own practice and place in the world. It consists of 9 modules undertaken over the period of around one year. You’ll emerge with a profound awareness of your soulful self, and the ways in which your work and life will develop and grow into the future. This course includes online coaching support. Find out more HERE.



Learning and development for  creative soul-making in challenging times.




You will be able to download the 2017 Soul Making e-course prospectus, by clicking on the small yellow Peregrine below.

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